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TGIF everyone….its going to be a busy

TGIF everyone….its going to be a busy busy month ahead. What are you planning for the weekend?


June 26, 2013 ~~~Today was a landmark de

June 26, 2013 ~~~Today was a landmark decision in the US Supreme Court regarding DOMA & California’s Prop 8.
I am proud to say that findings of both are against equal rights of all citizens. I hope that the future opens up in all the states that honoring love is not based on sex, religion, race, or sexual identity. Furthermore, that there is finally recognition for the rights given to heterosexuals are due to same-sex marriage and should not be based on religion, but on protection under the same laws governed in law and our constitution. I am overjoyed at this day and know that there is still a road ahead for many others in this great land and around the world. I will stay as committed to the cause along with others I feel so passionately about to help brings about CHANGE. Nothing is done by ignoring the issues that affect us, but each one can teach one, and the domino effect happens. We are not on an island alone and are here together. Be passionate about the issues that are harmful to our world, our people, and our animals. We can do it together one thing at a time. I believe in our abilities and the magic we can create together. This is a world we are leaving to our children and our children’s children. What do you think we are leaving behind? If the prospects are not good, join others in creating change.
I have been amazed at the power of what we can do and the impact we are making for each other.

Thought for the Day

When we are in ego we are in competition and judgment, which separates us from the Spirit and that is when we are defeated. To be in the Spirit is to connect with self and the energy force that connects us to all things. Energy is never-ending and is all about us, is us, and all about us. There is where true service, gratitude, and manifestation live. Ego cannot live in the same space when we are in our true Spirit. Some times circumstances cause us to get off track and focus is skewed. Now is all that is and Now is a great time to notice all that surround us and all that we are, not on the physical plane that will cease to exist one day, but on the never-ending energy life force that knows the truth about the power in all things. Understanding all the things that we have been conditioned to believe and how we react is a beginning to becoming our true self, dropping the ego that separates us from our true self, and the true energy of all living things. Look for how you can serve others, have gratitude for all that is now, and understand that you can have all you want and you have all you need now. Brook Hughes ©2013 ~ 8*Love, Light, & Positive Energy*8~