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Thought for the Day

Love & Light


When we are in ego we are in competition and judgment, which separates us from the Spirit and that is when we are defeated. To be in the Spirit is to connect with self and the energy force that connects us to all things. Energy is never-ending and is all about us, is us, and all about us. There is where true service, gratitude, and manifestation live. Ego cannot live in the same space when we are in our true Spirit. Some times circumstances cause us to get off track and focus is skewed. Now is all that is and Now is a great time to notice all that surround us and all that we are, not on the physical plane that will cease to exist one day, but on the never-ending energy life force that knows the truth about the power in all things. Understanding all the things that…

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Happy Valentine’s Day


Walk with Me

There are times when we walk our path alone. There we have the opportunity to reach into and gain understanding of self. There are times when we walk together, building and enjoying the essence of us.
Whatever the reason of time, I appreciate the experiences ~ I grow, prosper, and love. In my full spirit I give without knowing who or how. I know that we are beautiful and our light and love shines for all those we meet.
I have only one request. I love your spirit and you never know how you impact me. I ask that where ever the path leads don’t go too far and will you sometimes walk with me?
~ 8*Love, Light, & Positive Energy*8 ~ © Brook L. Hughes

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