Walk with Me

Walk with Me.


Walk with Me

There are times when we walk our path alone. There we have the opportunity to reach into and gain understanding of self. There are times when we walk together, building, and enjoying the essence of us.
Whatever the reason of time, I appreciate the experiences ~ I grow, prosper, and love. In my full spirit, I give without knowing who or how. I know that we are beautiful, and our light, and love shines for all those we meet.
I have only one request. I love your spirit and you never know how you impact me. I ask that wherever the path leads, don’t go too far and will you sometimes walk with me?
~ 8*Love, Light, & Positive Energy*8 ~ © Brook L. Hughes

Nurturing relationships

It is important to take time to nourish relationships in every capacity. It was a learning experience a long time ago when I asked myself, “Why are my friendships so limited? How do I parent? And how do I have a stronger intimate relationship?” I thought about it for some time and came to understand the importance of MY actions in facilitating nurturing. Once I did that, I experienced an abundance of relationships. I did not need to be alone if I choose not to, I did not need to be bored if I choose not to, and I can experience amazing relationships no matter how near or far, how intimate or not, but truly in enjoying all in all capacities. It is amazing that there are times we believe it is someone else’s responsibility to do the work. The most important aspect of any relationship is how much are YOU willing to give and to what capacity? It is not what others can do or be for us, its about what we can be. The true measure of what we gain is by what we give and appreciating the gifts that come, not as we expect them to be, but for what they are. There in full appreciation and acceptance is the moment I humbly understood the awesomeness of all.

BE IT! Embrace the abundance of the blessings.

Remember, if I don’t someone else will. If you don’t someone else will.


I do my very best to remember and acknowledge others. I’m not ashamed, nor am I going to hide, or forget to let people know how very special they are to me. Lessons have been tough, but I have learned the importance things make in nurturing relationships and appreciating others. There are so many valuable reasons especially knowing you may never get another chance. ~ ♥ 8*Love, Light, & positive energy*8 ♥ ~ BLH